New York – All changes for the Yankees and Mets

Major League Baseball season is now in full swing and for both teams the Big Apple is the first campaign to play on a new stadium. Gone are both their traditional stadiums, and instead fans can look forward to new, state-of-the-art venues, providing much better facilities for players and spectators.

The New York Yankees finally closed the doors of the "old" Yankees Stadium, which was built in 1923 and moved the organization lock, stock and barrel of a stone throw to the "new" Yankees stadium. The new location has a viewer capacity of 52,325, including a standing room, which is actually smaller than the old limit of 56,886. However, the new replacement incorporates a significant number of corporate apartments and other premium seating options that were not available on the old stadium.

The new Yankees Stadium also includes a Hard Rock Cafe, which will be open throughout the year, regardless of the games played and promises to be one of the most profitable businesses in the franchise.

Shea Stadium was the venue for a memorable 30-minute Beatles concert in August 1965 and was home to the New York Mets. That was until April 13, 2009, when the new Citi Field brand was inaugurated, and the Mets played their opener against San Diego. With a capacity of 41,800, the Mets' new field of action is smaller than that of their Major League counterparts, but what it lacks in size certainly makes up for the facilities.

And in town for baseball, it will be a long time to see the sights of Manhattan and the other four cities of New York. Iconic structures, such as the tallest building in New York, the Empire State Building and the glorious art deco of the Chrysler aluminum-clad building, should simply be the first two things to go on any New York visitor itinerary. , along with a trip through Central Park, a man. made a green oasis on a concrete island.

It is important to understand that none of the newly built ball packages in New York contain accommodation, but anyone wishing to take a game and stay overnight in the "city that does not sleep" should find a wide range of cheap hotels in New York near places.

But if Yankees or Mets baseball tickets prove difficult, then there is always the ESPN Sports Zone in Times Square. Here you can watch all the games involving teams in New York in comfort and in front of a giant screen; a kinder alternative to being there!